Summer Jobs for Teachers

For some teachers, the summer holidays are an ideal opportunity to earn some extra day, summer jobs, summer holidays, make money, supply teacher, kent, maidstone, medwaymoney by doing a part-time or temporary Summer job. It is also a great opportunity to broaden your experience to add to your CV, learn some different skills or try out something completely new.  Many of the summer holiday jobs for teachers listed below are flexible and part-time, meaning that you can still have some much needed rest over the summer holidays. 

Here’s our guide to a few of the ideal summer holiday jobs for teachers you could try:

  • Dog Walking or Sitting

Dog walking is a fantastic way to enjoy the great outdoors and earn some extra cash at the same time for jobs. The demand for dog walkers is increasing in Britain and with many dog walkers themselves away on holiday at this time of the year, you could step in to help out. You can expect to earn up to £15 per hour in London and Kent. Similarly, demand is extremely high for dog-sitters during the summer and many sitters get booked up months in advance. For overnight stays in your home, you can earn around £20 per day, so imagine how this could add up with longer stays. You could try putting a message on social media asking friends to share your services with their friends, or you could register your details with an online company such as Dog Buddy or is another great site which puts you in touch with people who are looking for the right dog-sitters and walkers for their pets.

  • Activity Camps

There are hundreds of children’s activity camps running over the summer in the UK and abroad. Working at one of these camps will not only bring in some extra money, but it will also give you more skills and experience in order to progress in your teaching career. Many of these camps take place in some beautiful locations so you have to the chance to travel and explore some new places, too. Some companies, such as PGL, allow you to choose how long you would like to work with them for, so you don’t have to give up your whole summer.  Try registering with PGL or USA summer camps, if you wouldn’t mind travelling a little further. To find local summer activity camps, look on your local government webpage in the “Children and Education” section for a list of activities for children outside of school; they are sure to be recruiting!

  • Private Tuition

The summer holidays are the perfect time to catch up with studies, meaning that often the demand for private tuition continues, even outside of term-time. Expect to earn between £25 and £40 an hour in London and the South East. The key is spreading the word about your services. You could, once again, rely on social media to drum up some business, or turn to established tuition companies such as Tutor Hunt or However, beware that they do charge a fee for finding business for you.

  • Mystery Shopping

If you love shopping, then being paid to shop could be the perfect choice of summer jobs for you!  This part-time job can fit in around your social calendar, meaning that you can still have time for your friends and family. You will need access to a computer to write up your reports, but these can be completed at a time that suits you. Try registering with or with mystery shopper expert Proinsight.

  • EBay or Gumtree and boot fairs

The summer holidays are always a good time to de-clutter your house and why not kill two birds with one stone by selling some of your unwanted items online or at a local boot fair. A typical Sunday morning boot fair can raise over £100; even more with the sale of electrical items. EBay and Gumtree are your best options for selling online with both offering easy platforms for taking pictures and writing descriptions from your mobile phones. Lookout for when EBay has reduced fees weeks and read the sales advice they give you. Uploading and subsequently sending each item can be quite a laborious task, but it’s worth it as you could earn enough for your holiday spending money!

  • Summer Jobs with Task Rabbit

Become a tasker with by registering with them online. Task Rabbit is a company which matches demand for handiwork or simple household jobs with local people who can carry out the work. Helping out with home repairs could earn you, on average, £59 per job. Demand is particularly high in London and Kent, so you are sure to find some extra holiday work in these areas.

  • Write a Book

If writing is your strength then the long stretch of extra time over the summer holidays may be all you need to finish that novel you have been working on for months. True, it can be very difficult to get published but many authors are now self-publishing using the help of companies such as Their website has all the information you need and there are many handy tutorials on YouTube to guide you through the process.

  1. Teach English as a foreign language 

Teaching English as a foreign language abroad might be more like a working holiday. Choose your destination and research TEFL opportunities in the area. With, you can complete online courses, for around £250, which will mean that you are fully qualified to teach in TEFL certified schools all over the world. There are also opportunities to teach English as a foreign language in the UK. To find our more, look up TEFL summer camp jobsOISE Young Learners  and Oxford International Juniors.

  1. Exam marking

Exam marking usually takes place before the end of the summer term so, admittedly, this doesn’t exactly qualify as a summer holiday job. However, at many schools, the end of the summer term can be a quieter time of the year and you may not mind doing some extra marking during evenings and weekends if you know it means earning some extra money to spend during the summer holidays. You can expect to earn upwards of £500, depending on how much you offer to mark. It is also an excellent way to improve your subject knowledge and teaching skills and some schools even state that experience in examination marking is preferred when they advertise a teaching post. If this would suit you, register your interest with a variety of examination boards, such as AQA, Edexcel, OCR or WJEC.

  • Delivery driver

Delivery drivers are currently in huge demand due to the boom in online shopping. To reflect this, a number of companies have set up online recruitment platforms to allow you to earn some extra money by delivering goods for them. You can earn up to £120 with Deliveroo; all you need is a scooter or bike and a smartphone. Similarly, you could sign up with Amazon Flex, allowing you to work as an Amazon delivery driver on a self-employed basis. You can expect to earn £12-£14 per hour and you need to do your own tax return.

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