Guide to getting a job marking exams from home

Becoming an examiner for an examination board is a useful source of extra income. In addition to this, it improves your own teaching practice, giving you extra knowledge and understanding to share with your pupils and colleagues.

By improving your understanding and application of the assessment requirements of a particular examination board, you can improve your own assessment practice and teaching objectives. Teachers who have marked examinations in their subject areas speak highly of the the extra insight they get into the exact skills required to do well in the various papers and how it has an extremely positive impact on the way they teach.

To become an examiner, you need to have current or recent experience in the subject you will be marking. You also need to have a teaching qualification or QTS and a high-level of subject expertise in the your specialist field.

The best way to secure a job as an examiner is to apply directly to the examination board. Many posts will already have been filled, but there are some subject areas for which markers are still required.

Here is a list of the main examination boards to contact:

GCSE and A level

Key Stage 2 Tests

Technical Qualifications