Supply Teacher Survival Form

Your School Contact

Find out the lead contact for Supply Teachers at your school including their name, contact details and position.  Make sure you know how and where to find them when you need to.

Lesson times

So that you can appear confident in the classroom and can plan the cover work suitably, make sure you know how long each lesson is and the timings for the day.  Knowing when and where detentions are held can also make you sound knowledgable.

Sanction Procedure

Most schools will have a behaviour policy and sanction procedure.  You may be able to see this on the school website.  If not ask what the sanction process is and the interventions at various levels.  Quite often, sanctions will involve redirects initially, followed with redirects with warnings of consequences.  However, you need to know what consequences of misbehaviour the school.supports.  As your teacher supply agency as often they will be able to support with this.

Incident Contact

How do you request help in an emergency or behaviour incident?  

Make sure you know how to get help should an emergency incident occur.  If a severe behaviour incident occurs how you summon support?

Reward Procedure

Does the school have a house point system or virtual environment for rewarding good behaviour and effort?  Having a knowledge of the reward system will show the students that you are familiar with the school systems (including the sanctions of course!) and also allow you to reinforce good behaviour quickly.

Leadership Teacher for Referral

If given students an option when sanctioning, which teacher can you name for referral?

Who is overall in charge of behaviour management for the school?  Who is the headteacher? Being able to show a knowledge of key staff in front of the students will also help.

SEN/Student concerns

Make sure that you have been well informed of the adaptations you may need to make for any students with special educational needs.

Fire assembly point

Make sure you have been informed of the assembly point in case the fire alarm sounds.  Many schools also now have a lockdown procedure so make sure you have asked about this.