NEU Supply Teacher Rights – Support Documents

7 Support Documents from the NEU for Supply Teachers

NEU – National Union of Teachers (NUT) Supply Teacher Rights – Support Documents.  The documents summarised below can be found on the National Education Union, NEU, website

Further support materials, including behaviour management strategies, posters, quizzes and puzzles,  to help Supply Teachers can be found on our free downloads page.

1. Agency Supply Teachers and Workplace Pensions Support Documents

This document contains information on the Pension Schemes available for Supply Teachers. Pensions Schemes for Supply teaching employment is usually not available under the Teachers Pension Scheme (unless employment is directly by a school). However, your agency must now offer a workplace pension schemes. If you earn above £10,000 and are above 22 you will be auto-enrolled in to a pension scheme.

2. Agency Worker Regulations Support Documents

This document covers detail of the Agency Worker Regulations (AWR) published in 2010. This covers the rights you have after Day 1 and after 12 weeks. As soon as you arrive at a new placement you should have access to the same facilities e.g. staff room and car park as permanent employees of the school. You should also receive the same notifications of permanent vacancies.

After 12 weeks in one placement you should receive the same basic pay and conditions as you would have received if you had been employed directly by the school hours of work and breaks, and holiday entitlement and for ante-natal appointments.

There is a disagreement between the definition of the “hirer” and concern that some schools may rotate supply staff to break this 12 weeks continuous service. This is discussed in detail in this document. What about rights for pregnant workers?

All agency workers are covered by health and safety legislation and have access to sick pay (if earnings are greater than £116
per week).

This document details what to do if you feel your rights aren’t being served.

3. ‘Guaranteed Work’ Contracts Support Documents

Some supply agencies avoid regulations of the Agency Worker Regulation (AWR) by using “guaranteed work” contracts. The employee then receives a minimum payment during periods when there are no positions available. The contract should detail rates of pay, locations, expected hours and the types of work. However, these contracts mean you no longer have the right to equal pay under the under the AWR.

The ‘minimum’ amount of pay between positions should not be less than 50 per cent of the highest earnings in the previous 12 weeks. After 4 weeks of no work, the agency may terminate this agreement.

4. Health and Safety Support Documents

This document details Health and Safety rights for Supply Teachers. The employers is responsible for the Health and Safety of all employees and non-employees in their workplace.

It also details information on health and safety information you should be provided with, rights in the event of an accident, protection from assaults ( inclduing a comprehensive behaviour policy), individual pupil risk assessments, employers’ liability insurance, the risks of asbestos for supply teachers, support during workplace stress and fire safety requirements.

5. Pay, Conditions & Working Time Support Documents

This NEU Support document includes detail on securing pay progression – for example, when employed via an LA supply pool or on a recurring basis in the same school. In such cases there is no reason, working time arrangements, pension rights, sick pay and maternity pay and the differences between long and short term assignments.

6. Supporting Supply Teachers Support Documents

This details how you should choose an agency and what to do if anything goes wrong. The Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate (EASI) is the body which oversees and regulates employment agencies. It also details what to di if you become aware of schools using inappropriate cover arrangements such as schools “cover supervisors” actively teaching. Also, teachers may also be providing cover beyond the extent to which they should. A minimum level of support should be provided to supply teachers and quite often a school will provide a welcome pack of the following:

• a map;
• main contact person;
• details and location of any work set;
• a timetable with timings of the day;
• emergency contacts and telephone numbers/procedures;
• location of first aid kits;
• registration procedures, fire drills and security arrangements, including door codes;
• details of photocopier codes, ICT passwords and how to access technical support;
• a summary of information on the school policies and codes of conduct including school uniform, code of conduct, sanctions and rewards, equipment which pupils are expected to bring to lessons, if/when pupils may visit the toilet, borrow equipment, class lists, seating plans; assessment policy, behavioural issues, special needs, safeguarding or medical issues;
• details of photocopier codes, ICT passwords and how to access technical support;
• information about staff duties, meetings, parents’ evenings and training days
• the name of the NEU rep.

7. Umbrella Companies Support Documents

This support document details the different employment categories for supply teachers, what an “umbrella company” is (companies which act as the employer and set up the contract), what it mens for a supply agency to be a limited company and the NEU’s stance on both.It also details if supply teachers supply teachers have to work under an umbrella company or limited company arrangement and if they allow tax relief on travel and subsistence expenses, if affect my rights under the Agency Worker Regulations and other legislation, if they can earn more if they work under umbrella or limited company arrangements.

All of these support documents, can be found on the NEU site.

Further support documents from Kent Supply Teachers can be found on our free downloads page.