Job Share

Our Teacher Job Share service gives you, as a Supply Teacher, more autonomy over when and for how long you work each day.

We negotiate with our schools hours to suit you to fit around your lifestyle and help you maintain your work-life balance.

Do you have a young family?

Maybe you want to do the school runs for your children but still want to be in the classroom inspiring young people during the day?

Do you want to support young people’s development and prepare them for the future but still want the flexibility to fit work around your lifestyle?

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The Education Secretary, Mr Damian Hinds said in January this year:

“I think teachers work too many hours – aggravated by unnecessary tasks like excessive marking and data entry, spending more than half their time on non-teaching tasks…….But those who choose to become teachers chose to do so to inspire young people, support their development and set them up for a bright future – not stay late in the office filling in a spreadsheet… What we are keen to do is to find a way for people who don’t have a background together to find a partner to apply for a job with, hence the terminology.”

Damian Hinds also emphasised the fact that teachers work “too many hours” and carry out “unnecessary tasks” and encouraged job sharing.

Here at Kent Supply Teachers we couldn’t agree more. We are able to negotiate with schools on your behalf in order to find teacher job share position that will suit your lifestyle. A National Association of Headteachers survey stayed that 77% of schools struggle to recruit staff. Some 75% said a better work-life balance for teachers would ease the issue. Kent Supply Teachers are aware that schools’ flexibility when it comes to the working hours of teachers is becoming easier to negotiate. A match-making service for teaching is one of Kent Supply Teachers’ key strengths; we negotiate the position to suit you.

The Education Secretary also stated that, “There’s a lower proportion of both men and women in teaching working part-time than the equivalent proportion in the economy as a whole. For women, it’s 28% in teaching v 40% in the economy as a whole. Why is it? There isn’t a single definitive answer, but I’m confident part of it is cultural.”

“I want us to be thinking about it throughout the system…If people (are) talking about their careers and whether they are able to stay… it’s really important that everyone is doing as much as they can to facilitate flexibility.”

At Kent Supply Teachers, we find ways for both schools and teachers to make timetabling lessons work in the interest of both parties.

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