For Schools

Excellent Supply Staff at a Fair Price

When recruiting supply staff, schools must be able to rely on recruitment consultants who have first-hand experience in education. Kent Supply Teachers has this principle at its core. We believe that having an up-to-date understanding of teaching methodology and school management is vital.

We attract top-quality supply teachers as we offer ethical rates, unrivalled support, practical advice and free training.

Staffing is a key priority for schools and we know that, for many schools, a new approach to supply teaching is needed. We are constantly exploring new ways in which we can offer you quality staff which fit in with your budget and circumstances.

Our Background

Our managing directors are both qualified teachers with over 34 years experience in classroom teaching, middle-management and senior-management. We have experience across the whole spectrum of secondary schools; non-selective state schools, grammar schools, academies and independent schools.

The decision to set up our own supply agency stemmed from our own experiences with managing schools, working with supply agencies and supply staff and, most importantly of all, the realisation that the demand for supply teachers is growing at an unprecedented rate and the way in which supply companies operate must change in response to this.

Our exceptional experience in teaching means that we fully understand the profession, from the persepctive of teachers as well as schools.

Safer Recruitment

We check our recruits in-house and safeguarding training is a fundamental requirement in our application process.  We interview each teacher face-to-face, carry out DBS checks and obtain references. We pride ourselves on being extremely thorough during every stage of the recruitment process and we repeat our checks regularly.

Finding a Teacher

Unlike most other agencies, one of our consultants is available on the phone seven days a week from 7am until 9pm. We are ready to answer any queries and help you find the ideal teacher for your requirements.

Feedback and Evaluation

We know the importance of regular review and evaluation. We contact our schools and our teachers at least once a week to find out how the placement has worked, ensuring that we are offering the best possible service. Our teachers receive a start-up pack and KST works as a teacher training provider would; we are here to support our staff as personal mentors, throughout their placements.

Our Pricing

We ensure our prices very competitive as we are a small, local business, with low overheads.¬† Our pricing is fully transparent to schools and teachers and we have worked hard to keep our rates as low as possible. Our agency’s core objective is to provide a valuable service for the education sector and we firmly believe that this cannot be achieved if rates are exploitative.