Chemistry Supply Teaching

This page gives guidance and ideas and useful links for Chemistry Supply Teaching.

Useful Links for Chemistry Supply Teaching

The Royal Society of Chemistry 

This site has lots of useful, resources and links including an interactive periodic table that links to videos, and worksheets and games.

Seneca Learning

This site has an interactive study and revision platform that you can use with students, or to give yourself a quick refresher.

PhysicsandMaths Tutor

This site has notes and past papers for GCSE and A Level Chemistry, and is organised by exam board and topic.


An interactive periodic table.

Wolfram Chemistry Glossary

The Periodic Table in Pictures and Words

The Periodic Table of Elements in Pictures and Words includes interactive resources and printable posters and flash cards

Organic Nomenclature

A useful site for practice of naming Organic molecules and allow you to create your own quizzes!

Games for Chemistry Supply Teaching

Chemistry Bingo

This game can be used as a Starter or filler activity to practice naming the elements from their symbols.

Specifications for Chemistry Supply Teaching

GCSE Specifications






A Level Specifications