This week’s debate. Should Theresa May stick to the Chequers deal?

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1. This deal, a plan for how the UK will leave the EU, was decided by May and her cabinet. Therefore, May has a duty to stick to it.

2. Free trade in the EU (no taxes on goods entering or leaving the UK) would benefit the UK and the EU.

3.When the majority of British people voted to leave the EU, they expected more control over immigration, so May must stick to additional checks at UK borders.


1. We must work with our EU counterparts to come up with a deal that suits everyone even if this means changing some of the Chequers deal.

2. If there is no deal, the Bank of England has said that this could lead to job losses and businesses worry that it would make trade with other countries difficult.

3. The deal was put together by the Cabinet and not agreed in Parliament.


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